Some 4, 447 drivers and motorists have been penalized totaling P 1.4 million for various offenses in the discipline zone from February to May this year.

In his report to Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Councilor Michael Bandal, Chairman of the Discipline Zone Project, said that this is the result of the zero tolerance policy implemented by the enforcers along with the members of the Technical Working Group led by Farah Diba Gentuya of the Cluster Head II of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Last weekend, enforcers of the Discipline Zone Project took a much needed break for evaluation and recreation in Cangmating Sibulan and engaged in several team building activities.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo reiterated his support to the enforcers and the Technical Working Group of the Discipline Zone Project to restore law and order in the streets.

Farah Diba Gentuya of the DILG, Councilor Michael Bandal and City Chief-of-Police Supt. Jonathan Pineda supervised the team building activities to strengthen the bond and camaraderie of the enforcers.

Mayor Remollo is optimistic the people will eventually appreciate the efforts of the administration to remove obstruction, smokers in public, minimize traffic congestion and garbage in th major streets of the city.

Based on the report, illegal parking constitute the most number of apprehensions at 4, 024; smoking in public 320; reckless driving 20; illegal disposal of garbage 31 and jay walking 64.

From a high of 1, 850 violations in the first month of implementation in February, the number of apprehensions has gradually decreased to 1, 464 in March, 680 in April and 453 in May.

Authorities explain that the decrease in the number of apprehensions is due to the fact that many of the motorists have already learned their lessons and in obedience to traffic rules.