Aside from thirty (30) employees that were already fired for testing positive of illegal drugs use, more are to be dismissed from the service within the next few weeks after several and additional drug tests were conducted.

This is to comply with the national campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte to fight illegal drugs and pursuant to the directive of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to ensure that the city hall will be drugs-free.

Furthermore, City Assistant Administrator Dr. Dinno Depositario shared that as a policy, the city government will conduct confirmatory tests to all city hall employees even if they have already obtained results from accredited drug testing laboratories.

Depositario, who is also the Human Resource Management Officer, adds that this is to ensure that possible lapses can be avoided considering that the tests in the city hall are random and unannounced if compared to those taken in the drug testing centers, which are pre-scheduled.

The random and surprised drug tests in the city hall and will target more offices without exception. Results showing the number of employees and their identities surprised the respective heads of departments and divisions especially that some of those who tested positive are women and have been in the service for several years.

Because of the zero tolerance of the Remollo administration, all those who tested positive, including relatives of the mayor’s most ardent supporters were dismissed following confirmatory tests.

However, all the dismissed employees were also given a second chance by enrolling in a rigid voluntary recovery program sanctioned by the city government, which will determine if they have totally kicked the habit and maybe reconsidered for re-employment.

Depositario explained that upon dismissal, the employee was given an information sheet that will be filled up and returned if they would like to undergo the recovery program, however, a few of those who were dismissed for illegal drugs use did not return the forms. Sadly, a manifestation that some of them are not prepared or even willing to enroll in the recovery program.