CONGRATULATIONS to the newly elected/re-elected Punong Barangays, Barangay Kagawads, Sannguniang Kabataan Chairmen and SK Kagawads in all the 30 barangays of Dumaguete City.

1. Brgy. Bagacay- Vincent Perigua
2. Brgy. Bajumpandan- Crispin Patrimonio
3. Brgy. Balugo- Glenn Noay
4. Brgy. Banilad- Paciencio Maquiling
5. Brgy. Batinguel- Frankie Credo,
6. Brgy. Bantayan- Nerio Grapa
7. Brgy. Buñao -Gina Ablay
8. Brgy. Cadauinonan- Jimmy Tabada
9. Brgy. Calindagan – Ma. Isabel Sagarbarria
10.Brgy. Camanjac- Virginia Alcancia
11. Brgy. Candau-ay – Gregorio Oira
12. Brgy. Cantil-e – Pilardo Sarte
13. Brgy. Daro-Jovencio Tan
14. Brgy. Junob- Maximino Umbac Jr.
15. Brgy. Looc- Angelita Ragay
16. Brgy. Mangnao- Ramel Tayko
17. Brgy. Motong- Dionie Amores
18. Brgy. Piapi – Charlemagne Bantillan
19. Brgy. Pob 1- Harrison Gonzales
20. Brgy. Pob 2- Pedro Zuniega
21. Brgy. Pob. 3 – Anthony Ozoa
22. Brgy. Pob 4 – Peter Calumpang
23. Brgy. Pob 5- Nelson Ablir
24. Brgy. Pob. 6- Gerardo Balog
25. Brgy. Pob 7- Reynaldo Caballes
26. Brgy. Pob. 8 – Maelyne Mariano
27. Brgy. Pulantubig- Ricardo Patula
28. Brgy. Tabuctubig- Randy Fausto
29. Brgy. Taclobo- Roger Bohol
30. Brgy. Talay- Lilia Batalan

To those who did not make it, Robert Green Ingersoll dubbed as “The Great Agnostic” reminds us that ” the greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.”

So don’t lose the passion to serve others. The opportunity for you to earn a mandate from the electorate will surely come at the right time.

For the winners, may you be humbled and inspired in the confidence invested in you by our constituents that you will buckle down and work with the city government to pursue the programs, projects and activities that will promote the general welfare.

This administration has many plans, some are already implemented, while others are ongoing. Your cooperation and support will ensure that together we can provide our citizens the quality of life they deserve.

Good luck and Godspeed!