Local fishermen now has port of their own in Barangay Calindagan made possible through the efforts of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Punong Barangay Noli Noay, Councilor Lilani Ramon and BFAR provincial fisheries officer Florencia Mipania.

During this afternoon’s port inauguration Mayor Remollo credited both Noay and Mipania for advocating the P 3.1 million project, which has been pending for several prior to his assumption as Mayor in June 2016.

The new port is three times bigger, at approximately 1, 500 square meters, than what was requested. Remollo said that BFAR will construct a terminal building so that all fish carriers and traders will no longer cause traffic jam around the public market.

The new infrastructure primarily serves as shoreline protection so that huge waves or storm surge would not threaten the houses along the coast including BFAR’s office. Some informal settlers would have been displaced or ejected from their homes if the fish port was built in a nearby lot but with the intervention of Punong Barangay Noay to spare the informal settlers Mayor Remollo decided to change the location of the fish port and terminal.

Both Mayor Remollo and Councilor Ramon urged the residents of Calindagan to exercise their right to vote by choosing leaders of proven integrity and sympathy to their constituents.