SCAVENGERS WARNED: Avoid littering; dismantle shanties

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo held an impromptu meeting this morning with the scavengers at the city dumpsite to remind them that they must follow the rules or they will be arrested for obstruction, littering and in some cases for threats against personnel of the Environment and Natural Resources for enforcing the rules.

He reminded the scavengers that they are prohibited from blocking the garbage trucks and forced them to unload the trash along the road; they must dismantle their shanties or barong-barong within the week and they should be accounted or registered and must wear IDs.

To make sure that they will comply, a police team will be assigned in the dumpsite to assist in the enforcement or law and order in the dumpsite.

On this sunday morning, Mayor Remollo led the clearing operations of the road at the dumpsite that was littered with heaps of trash so that motorists can utilize it again.