Upon learning of the dumpsite’s sad state, in which heaps of trash littered the road making it impassable to motorists, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo led, on Sunday morning, personnel from the Environment and Natural Resources Office, City Engineer’s Office and Philippine National Police in clearing the road of all trash and debris.

He has instructed the City Engineer’s Office to devote all available equipment (including its newly bought brand new payloader) to the operation every day until all the accumulated garbage shall have been cleared and pushed back to the dumpsite.

Mayor Remollo also ordered the City Engineer’s Office to prepare a plan and budget to install a fence around the dumpsite to control the entry of garbage trucks and scavengers; the ENRO personnel has been warned to be consistent in the enforcement of rules in the dumpsite and to assign personnel 24-7; the scavengers were told to dismantle their shanties (barong-barong) within this week and assign police personnel to constantly assist the ENRO personnel in enforcing order and clear the road of dumpsite.