Newly assumed Land Transportation Office Dumaguete City District Chief Alberta Janine F. Lawas committed to support the implementation of the Discipline Zone Project of the City Government following a conference with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Wednesday.

Both officials agree to work closely to address the need to impose towing or clamping on illegally parked vehicles, use of LTO rates in penalizing traffic violators, establishment of the north and south bus terminals and the deputization of discipline zone enforcers. All these measures are geared toward improving road safety and to minimize traffic congestion.

Finally, the city government may also allot a piece of land where the permanent office, impounding area and track for practical tests of drivers applying for licenses shall be located in the new government center just like the field offices other national agencies. The new LTO office and compound must ideally be spacious to better serve the clients and secure the impounded vehicles.

Lawas will write Mayor Remollo a letter-request of the equipment and other assistance that the city might be able to provide and grant.