At the rate of P 200.00 to P 500 per penalty, some 3, 296 violators of the discipline zone were slapped with the total fines amounting to P 1.04 million in the first two months of implementation covering February and May 2018.

Councilor Michael Bandal, branded by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo as the discipline zone czar, vowed to continue in its relentless enforcement of traffic rules from Barangay Bunao up to Robinson Dumaguete in Baranga Calindagan.

Bandal appeals to several violators, who dropped names or use their status in the community as means to defy or intimidate the enforcers, to just comply with the regulations since the project aims to restore order and discipline among motorists and pedestrians with zero tolerance.

Mayor Remollo reminded those who mock or open defy the traffic rules that no one is above the law and pointed out that even relatives including the brother of Councilor Bandal promptly paid the penalties of their violations as a show of respect to the authorities.

Based on the records, there were 1, 850 violators who were apprehended in February alone and another 1, 446 were penalized in March 2018.

The biggest number of violations involved illegal parking 1, 651 in February and 1, 315 in March; smoking in public, 179 in February and 105 in March; reckless driving 4 in February and 8 in March, jay walking 12 and littering 4 in February and 18 in March.

The violators will be paying as much as P 889, 800 for illegal parking; P 142, 000 for smoking in public; P 3, 600 for reckless driving; P 4, 800 for littering and P 600 for jay walking.

A proposed ordinance will be deliberated that will provide an increase of the fines, towing and clamping of vehicles that obstruct traffic and sidewalks. Currently the rates are P 300 for illegal parking; P 500 smoking in public, P 300 for reckless driving; P 200 for littering and P 50 for jay walking.