An international firm has indicated to Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and to the leadership of the Department of Education of this city its willingness to provide solar panels to 18 public elementary schools and high schools for free.

Tyler Adkins, President of UGE Philippines Inc., told Mayor Remollo said that the company’s Solar for School initiative offers a chance for public schools to reduce energy bills, while providing cleaner, more reliable energy while creating thousands of jobs, all with no cash out.

Karla K. Fernandez, UGE Philippines-CSR, added that Dumaguete City under Mayor Remollo has been chosen as a pilot project and part of the company’s CSR to install solar panels in all the public schools of the city.

Mayor Remollo requested to add the City Schools Division Office and the Talay Mental Rehabilitation Center among the beneficiaries.

UGE said that every Filipino deserves access to quality education and the project provide reliable energy for schools in which the solar microgrids reduces reliance on the grid, along with battery back up or when grid power is unavailable.

Furthermore, powering schools with solar reduces reliance on coal, diesel, and other dirty fossil fuels; it will also create jobs as UGE will train and employ thousands in the design, installation and maintenance of solar systems; the company will also provide computers and a corresponding renewable energy curriculum to the participating schools and conversion to solar power ensures net savings versus the current electricity bills.

A Memorandum of Agreement will be signed between the parties that will governed their roles in the successful implementation of the project at the soonest.

(Photo credits: and UGE Facebook page)