No plastic day every monday at public market

Beginning on the first Monday of April, the city public market will start re-implementing the no plastic bags day every Monday following the deployment of enforcers throughout the market complex.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has been pushing for the implementation of the anti-plastic ordinance as one of the best means to manage the city solid wastes.

City Economic Enterprises Officer Engr. Jose Ronnie Fortin said that “No plastic day every Monday” project is in support to the city’s campaign to reduce plastic use and better manage the garbage collection and disposal.

After setting an example in the public market, the implementation will expand to include the fish terminal and cold storage, slaughterhouse and passenger terminal. Eventually, with the full support of the Environment and Natural Resources, the ban on plastic use will be strictly enforced in the entire city.

He noted that when the use of plastic bags was prohibited after the passage of the Ordinance No. 231 in 2011, the volume of garbage generated by the market was reduced.

However, the implementation was disrupted several years ago with the pullout of the enforcers and the gradual return of the vendors and their customers, the plastic trash considered harmful and too slow to decompose have accumulated clogging the city’s sewage system and canals.

Fortin counsels the marketgoers to instead use recyclable plastic bags, baloyot/bayong, net bags, catcha bags or sako bags for their goods. Plastic bag will only be allowed as primary packaging materials.

Other prohibited acts are: offer to sell or provide for free plastic bags to customers as secondary packaging materials for wet goods; offer to sell or provide free plastic bags to customers as packaging material on dry goods; offer to sell or provide polystyrene (styrofoams) to customers as packaging material and disposal of plastic shopping bags.

Violators will be penalized by a fine of P500.00 for 1st violation; P 1, 000.00 for 2nd violation and P 5, 000.00 fine or imprisonment of not more than 6 months upon the discretion of the court and cancellation of their license/permit to operate for a period of one year.