Owners give consent for their properties to be utilized for the completion of the bridge in Candau-ay linking Cadawinonan

After a series and spirited discussions brokered by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo with owners of lots and houses in both sides of the Candau-ay-Cadawinonan bridge, the owners signed the document that will allow the government to utilize portions of their properties for the completion of the vital link to the diversion road.

Prior to Mayor Remollo’s intervention, the opposition of the owners has delayed the project and completion for almost 2 years.

The full use of the Candau-ay-Cadawinonan bridge links is expected to reduce traffic in the city’s downtown as most trucks and buses will be diverted in this route. At the same time, the concrete beam bridge, which replaced the overflow bridge, makes the communities on both sides and motorists safer from flood waters.