Discipline Zone Enforcers and members of the Technical Working Group complete the periodic evaluation and simulation exercises to improve their performance in dealing with varied situations.

At present some 1, 850 violators have been apprehended and penalized for illegal parking, smoking, littering, jaywalking, etc in February 2018 alone.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has commended the men and women involved in the implementation of the discipline zone project that aims to restore order and remove obstruction in the city streets by vigorously penalizing violators of traffic laws and ordinances.

Councilor Michael Bandal, DILG Cluster II Leader Farah Diba Gentuya, City Chief-of-Police Supt. Jonathan Pineda, Assistant City Administrator Dinno Depositario, City Budget Officer Antonieta General, Gilbert Ablong and Danny Atillo of the Traffic Management Office, City Planning and Development Officer Leonides Caro, City Health Officer Maria Sarah B. Talla, General Services Officer Azucena Gonzales and other officials have repeatedly committed their time, personnel and resources for the project’s success.