Acting on the directive of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, the trailers that have been the subject of numerous complaints, were finally removed and impounded just before daybreak today.

Mayor Remollo said that the removal of the trailers will improve road safety, decongest traffic and reclaim the sidewalks for the pedestrians.

City officials and residents lauded Mayor Remollo for displaying political will, a trait he is known for, in clearing the obstructions that has been ignored for many years before his return to office.

Councilors Michael Bandal, Alan Gel Cordova and Joe Kenneth Arbas witnessed the clearing operation along with DILG Cluster II Leader Farah Diba Gentuya, Assistant City Administrator Dinno T. Depositario and members of the local media.

The dawn operation sanctioned by the Discipline Zone Project was carried out by the composite team from the Philippine National Police with Chief-of-Police Supt Jonathan Pineda as Ground Commander, the Provincial Government, Traffic Management Office, Bureau of Fire Protection Special Enforcement Unit, City Engineer’s Office, Department of Interior and Local Government and Tourist Police.

The TMO also issued several citation tickets penalizing the violations of the owner of the trailer which posed hazards and inconvenience to both motorists and pedestrians.

With this development everyone is enjoined to follow traffic rules and comply with local ordinances to ensure a more orderly city.