Traffic Management Office Penalizes Tricycle Driver for Overcharging Passengers by P 1, 000

TMO Chief Gilbert Ablong presided the conference between the complainants and the offending tricycle driver who admitted that he indeed asked for P 1, 000 in exchange for a trip from the airport to the Valencia.

It was also learned that the registration papers of the motorcycle with MCH unit bearing the body number 0777 had expired. The tricycle was impounded at the City’s Quadrangle.

The complainants, we’re with a foreign friend during the incident, expressed their disgust over the driver’s conduct but agreed to an amicable settlement provided he pays the penalties for overcharging and for driving a unit with expired OR/CR.

Ablong vows that TMO will continue to apprehend and penalize drivers who will commit violations of traffic rules and regulations to impose discipline and order in the streets.

The administration encourages citizens to be vigilant and assert their rights. But they must personally file complaints before the TMO for appropriate action.