The Traffic Management Office under Gilbert E. Ablong Sr. did not penalize the drivers of the tricycles who refused to convey the senior citizen as shown in the video that was shared many times by netizens.

The Office of the Mayor furnished TMO with the copy of the video to investigate and for appropriate action including penalizing the drivers involved, if warranted.

But after a through investigation, Ablong found out that the refusal of the 5 drivers with MCH units bearing the body numbers 0522, 2424, 0784, 0275 and 1476 were justified because they cannot pick up passengers since the area was designated exclusively for UNLOADING OF PASSENGERS AND CARGOES.

The drivers were afraid to pick up the senior citizen because they might be apprehended for disregarding the traffic sign.

Hence, the refusal of the drivers was justified. In contrast the issuance of citation tickets against them will be unjustified for lack of probable cause.

Nevertheless, the TMO has been penalizing other tricycle drivers for unjustly refusing to convey passengers.

In 2017, TMO received 45 reports; 13 of which have been settled while 32 drivers were penalized.