Dump site closure to cost P7.7 million

Safely closing the illegal dump site in Barangay Candau-ay is estimated to cost the City Government of about P 7.7 million based on the estimates by the Technical Working Group Chaired by Councilor Manuel Arbon.

The TWG composed of experts in the field of engineering and environmental protection was created by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo last April 2017 with the gargantuan task of safely and responsibly closing the 30-year-old open dump site that was declared illegal by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Along with the closure plan, the TWG is also responsible in providing assistance for the establishment of a sanitary landfill to satisfy the law and ensure a sustainable means to manage the city’s estimated 80 tons of all types of garbage.

The law requires not only the closure of the dump site to be enclosed by a fence but also an elaborate rehabilitation plan to make the area safe again after due time.

Based on the estimates to be submitted to DENR this January 2018, the breakdown in the costs of physical closure are the following: reshaping, compaction, slope stabilization, construction of embankment, placement of soil cover materials and vegetation (P5.8 million); construction of drainage, leachate pond, monitoring wells and gas vents (P1.5 million); construction of fencing and signage (P 300, 000), lighting of guard house and other auxiliaries (P150, 000).

Mayor Remollo vowed to close the dump site in Candau-ay and to establish a sanitary landfill within his term. Amid some controversy generated by his decision to consider acquiring a 3.5 hectare lot in an agro-industrial zone in the same barangay, he urges everyone to wait for the DENR to make the appropriate recommendation whether the lot passes the standards of the agency.