Legal, Luwas og Walay Baho!

Barangay officials and residents of Candau-ay and Camanjac toured the sanitary landfill in Bayawan City to satisfy their quest for full understanding of how the facility operates.

Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves officially welcomed the delegation led by Councilor Lilani Ramon, DILG City Director Farah Diba Gentuya and Barangay Captain Gregorio Oira of Candau-ay.

Stating that they will decide in the best interest and for the good of the greater number, the Barangay Council of Candau-ay will continue to conduct public consultation on the proposed construction of sanitary landfill in their jurisdiction.

Candau-ay Barangay Captain Gregorio Oira said that the consultation will be comprehensive with the City officials serving as resource persons to crystallize the issue.

In the first public consultation held at the housing community adjacent to the proposed site for the sanitary landfill, Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo appealed to the residents of Barangay Candau-ay and even the visitors from Barangay Camanjac, who attended public consultation in Bloomington Village, to keep an open mind of the proposal while waiting for the final inspection and approval of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources if the 3.5 hectare lot owned by the Divinigracia couple is suitable for the purpose.

If the lot fails the standards of the DENR the couple has signed an agreement that it will reimburse the city government of the amount used to buy the property. Although the city has the option to use the lot for other public purposes such for housing, amusement park, farmstead, etc.

Amid complaints from the participants, Mayor Remollo assured the residents that the city is prepared to put up a project for flood control system in the said area to mitigate damage and risk to their lives and properties.

The city government is open to additional discussions and consultations of stakeholders so that all concerns will be appropriately addressed.