Mayor suspends truck rerouting scheme

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo has suspended indefinitely the imposition of the truck re-routing scheme slated on December 1 until a second round of stakeholders meeting will be concluded.

Traders, who met with Councilors Lilani Ramon and Alan Gel Cordova, have appealed to Mayor Remollo to re-schedule the re-routing of the delivery trucks and other utility vehicles from the 40 major streets in the downtown area to outskirts considering the volume of goods that need to be delivered in view of the holiday season.

Under the proposed re-routing scheme in line with the series of experiments to ease traffic congestion in the city center, all vehicles (trailer trucks, dump trucks, heavy equipment and other movers) weighing 4.5 tons or more will take alternative routes as recommended by the Traffic Management Office.

In a statement, Negros Oriental Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ed Du said that the business community is grateful to Mayor Remollo for giving due recognition to the implementation of the truck ban this Christmas season.

The businessmen also credited Councilors Ramon and Cordova for listening to their plea and help Mayor Remollo arrive at the decision to suspend the proposed truck re-routing scheme at least after the holiday season.

“NOCCI is now finalizing its position paper to help solve the traffic problem of the city. Rest assured the business community looks forward to meeting Mayor Remollo and the Traffic Committee to discuss both short and long term solution to the growing traffic congestion problem of the city,” Du said.

Mayor Remollo is open to the possibility for traders to unload their cargoes in Bacong town instead in the already congested city port and for the establishment of terminals for north and south bound buses, jeepneys and multi-cabs.

Under the proposed re-routing scheme, entry of trucks in major streets in the city will only be allowed from 1:00PM to 4:00PM and 8:00PM to 6:00AM from Monday to Saturday. The affected vehicles will be given alternative routes that will bypass the congested city streets.