Bidding for CCTV system set to begin

The bidding process of the long awaited Closed Circuit Television or CCTVs can begin as early as next month after the City Council has authorized Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to procure the lease of CCTVs worth P 70 million at P7 million a year for the next 10 years.

Mayor Remollo’s desire to install for the first time a CCTV system with 350 high definition cameras for the city is primarily to boost security and anti-crime campaign, disaster preparedness and response and implementation of the no-contact policy when apprehending violators of traffic rules.

Councilors Estanislao Alviola and Manuel Sagarbarria initially balked at the thought of a 10-year lease claiming the period of the contract was too excessive and might not serve the best interest of the city. They suggested to lower the period to at least 5 years.

However, Councilor Alan Cordova said that the wisdom in making the contract 10 years was to attract large and stable companies to bid knowing that they will get a substantial return of investments after a decade provided they have given the city the best service available.

Under the scheme, the city government must appropriate P 7 million annually for the payment in the maintenance of more than 300 CCTVs that will be mounted in strategic, crucial and crime prone areas in the 30 barangays.

Councilors Joe Kenneth Arbas and Manuel Arbon repeatedly stressed that the concerns of Alviola and Imbo of the possible lapses in the choice and even the best terms for the city can be addressed once the bidding process is concluded since the mayor will have to secure from the City Council the authority to sign the contract.

The City Council has the option to ask the winning bidder to present their detailed plan on how to equip the city with quality CCTVs and if the councilors are convinced they will approve the request of the mayor to be authorized to sign on behalf of the city the contract with the winning bidder.

Councilors Arbon, Michael Bandal and Lilani Ramon appealed to their colleagues to avoid delaying the CCTV project in view of the recent shootings with some suspects still unidentified due to the absence of cameras that will capture the incidents.

The request was heeded after all those present in last Wednesday’s regular session voted to authorize the mayor to proceed with the bidding, with the hope that the CCTV system will be installed early next year.