Welcome! Learn more about how the City Government runs, works, and what ordinances are passed to make Dumaguete favorably livable. In this section, you will discover how our City Officials are working hard to transform Dumaguete into a modern city and yet still preserving it’s charm and beauty.

While Dumaguete is best known to be gentle, we take decisive actions in order to deliver services and cater the needs of the people fast and efficient. Extensive concreting and rehabilitation of major and barangay roads, Health Centers and Kindergarten facility improvement, housing, improving peace and order, attracting tourists and investors are among the top priorities of the local government for 2014.

Also, you can personally meet any of our Committee Chairmen if you have some concerns to address. This way, we can personalize your needs as much as we can because you are that important. Don’t hesitate to personally reach us as we are deemed to help and serve you.