The City Social Welfare and Development Office provides assistance for the medical needs of the poor residents of Dumaguete. We provide an assistance of Php 700.00 per 6 months per eligible client. To be eligible, one should provide the following requirements:

1. Barangay Clearance

2. Voter’s Identification Card

3. Botica Sa Masa Card

4. Doctor’s Prescription (either from a private or public hospital)

This program is limited only to the poor residents of Dumaguete City. That is why a barangay clearance is necessary to be submitted. To verify that you had been living in the city for at least three years, a Voter’s I.D. is also required. You may wonder to how get the Botica Sa Masa Card? Well, you can get it through the Social Worker assigned to your barangay. You need to pay Php 20.00 for this card as membership fee and this will be valid for one year. Why is this required? Because this identification card will be presented to any Botica Sa Masa outlet anywhere in the Philippines upon buying or requesting medicine.

To wrap things up, here is the list of step-by-step procedure to be able to avail the City’s Medical Assistance :

1. Inquire about the medical assistance to the Social Worker assigned to your Barangay. The potential client will be initially screened at this point by the Social Worker through asking relevant questions about the condition of the patient and find out whether he/she belongs to an indigent family. If the potential client is a minor (17 years old and below), the parents will be interviewed instead of the potential client herself or himself.

2. Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility. After the initial screening or evaluation of the Social Worker, the potential client is brought to the office of the City Social Welfare and Development where the final interview will be conducted. Once the interview will go well, the client is then issued with the Certificate of Eligibility.

3. Head to the City Health Office to get and fill forms. After acquiring the Certificate of Eligibility from the City Social Welfare and Development Office, the client should proceed to the City Health Office to complete a form. Have the form signed by the appropriate signatories.

4. Have the form finally signed and approved by the City Administrator. The completed form from the City Health Office and the Certificate of Eligibility should be presented to the City Administrator and have it signed and approved. If in any event the City Administrator is out from the office, the Secretary to the Mayor shall sign the papers. This is the final step before claiming a medical assistance.

5. Finally, go to the Botica ng Masa located near the main entrance of the City Health Office. After having the papers signed and approved by the City Administrator, you can now go to the City Health Office’s Botica ng Masa to get your medicine and other form of medical assistance.

That’s it! Easy and simple. If you know somebody in your area who needs medical assistance, the Government of Dumaguete is willing to extend help through the Office of the Social Welfare and Development. Please note that not everybody will quality to the Medical Assistance Program, all potential clients will be interviewed to determine eligibility.