Aside from the Medical Assistance the Government of Dumaguete is granting to the poor residents, a Hospitalization Assistance is also available. Residents qualified for the said assistance program should be identified as poor or being a member of an indigent family by the barangay. The Hospitalization Assistance costs Php 3,000.00 per person per twelve months. However, potential clients with health insurance need not to apply for the program. To determine who are qualified to avail the said program, there are several requirements and the restrictions listed below :

1. Barangay Clearance

2. Voter’s Identification Card

3. Botica sa Masa Card

4. Doctor’s Diagnosis

5. Admission to the Charity Ward. A Candidate or Potential Client should be Admitted to a Charity Ward (all Private and Public Hospitals Except Silliman Medical Center)

6. Non Insurance Holder. The Candidate or Potential Client should not be a GSIS / SSS / or a holder of any Health Insurance Policy.

7. No Intentional Infliction. Reason or Cause of hospitalization should bot be intentionally inflicted (suicide, abortion, etc except c-sections)

Since the Hospitalization Assistance program is legitimate to Dumaguete residents only, a Barangay Clearance is used to verify this. To further solidify the claim or evidence of being a resident of Dumaguete for the at least the last three years, a Voter’s Identification Card is necessary to present upon application. A potential client should also get the Botica sa Masa Card which costs Php 20.00. This card will serve as a proof of membership for Botica sa Masa and is valid for a full year. You can get the card from the Social Worker assigned to your barangay.

Here is the procedure on how to claim a Hospitalization Assistance :

1. Establishing a Case Study. See the Social Worker assigned to your barangay. He or She will give an initial interview or conduct a case study of the potential client. The Social Worker will investigate if the potential client is eligible for the program or not.

2. Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility. Once the case study has been conducted and passed, the client now goes to the Office of the City Welfare and Development to be interviewed by the Head of Office. Once the final interview / assessment is done, the client now is given a certificate of eligibility, he or she should proceed to the City Health Office to fill in forms.

3. Approval by the City Administrator. The forms together with the certificate of eligibility should now be signed and approved by the Head of the Administrator’s Office.

4. Final Step to Avail the Hospitalization AssistanceOnce the form has been signed and approved, the client may now go to the Social Services Office of the respected hospital where he / she is admitted.

There your go! Easy right? This service is available to any member of an identified indigent family by the Barangay Social Worker. We strongly encourage that if your know someone in need of Hospitalization Assistance, please contact us or the Office of the City Social Welfare or the City Health Office.