Head of Office
Contact Details
Office of the City Mayor Mayor Manuel “Chiquiting” Teves Sagarbarria 225-1282
City Tourism Office Woodrow C. Maquiling Jr. 422-9409/422-3561
City Livelihood and Home Industries Development Office Eduardo P. Mondarte 225-1918
Office of the Senior Citizen’s Affair Gregorio A. Tinio 422-2764/225-5161
Sports and Youth Development Office Ike Villaflores 422-8109/225-5709
Traffic Management Office Danilo P. Antillo 422-2538/225-1662
Public Library Gima G. Cornelia 421-0074
Environment and Natural Resources Office Reynaldo Z. Awayan 422-2539/225-9981
Public Information Office Steve T. Gabriel 422-8119/422-8341
Internal Audit Services Remilando E. Ramirez 225-3066
Sectoral Desk Office Edgar A. Caro, II 422-8108/421-0230
Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office 421-5073
Funeral Services Carlito Noel B. Ramos
City Division
Administrator’s Office William E. Ablong 226-3647
City Administrator’s Office Support Staff
City Human Resource Office Socorro P. Mira
Public Employment Service Office Ruperto C. Tenorio Jr. 225-0512
City Planning and Development Office Leonides P. Caro 422-4891/225-2840
City Budget Office Antonieta D. General 421-0348/
City Accounting Office Doreen S. Cordova 422-9496/225-2577
General Services Office Azucena O. Gonzales 225-5871/225-3956
City Legal Office Neil Rey M. Lagahit 422-9454/225-1511
City Treasurer’s Office Cristina M. Merced 422-2514/225-4477
City Assessor’s Office Pacifico B. Bulado, Jr. 422-5214/225-2854
City Population Office Laume B. Quijote 422-5083
City Engineer’s Office Edwin C. Quirit 422-9480/225-3401
City Health Office Maria Sarah B. Talla 422-8115
City Agriculture’s Office William E. Ablong 422-8107
City Veterinary Office Lourdes S. Socorro 422-8128
City Social Welfare and Development Office Maria Carola S. Alquero 422-8117/225-0637
City Local Civil Registrar Office Ruperta G. Baguasan 422-8118/225-5853
City Economic Enterprise Office Josie Ronnie A. Fortin
City Nutrition Office Lourdes A. Taburaza
Philippine National Police P/Supt. James Templora Goforth
Bureau of Jail Management and Penology J/Sincp Benjamin Oira
Bureau of Fire Protection C/Insp. Arnulfo D. Sayson
Department of Education Dr. Ramir B. Uytico
City Slaughter House Rolando Y. Teves
ABC 30 Barangays Albert Aquino
Department of Local Interior Government Felix D. Ablir Jr.
Barangay Affairs Office Bernardina Rowena Duran
Office of the City Vice Mayor Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova
Sangguniang Panglunsod Members 422-2522/25-0636
Support Staff Services Ramon A. Villarosa 225-0636/225-0344