If it will be your first time to come in Dumaguete, then you must have some local tips at hand. Why? So that you can get the best Dumaguete vacation experience in your life! Here are some tips to have you save some money on a place to stay or restaurant to dine. We can also get some tips from other visitors who’s had a memorable experience in Dumaguete – they do give best tips and reviews. So here are some tips for you!


Ok, I know this must be tough to handle as to most cab drivers will surely take advantage on every tourist they will see. If your a Caucasian or any foreigner that hardly can blend with the local, consider getting a tourist guide or a trusted local contact to help you. Having a guide is a good way to enjoy the spots in Dumaguete plus he can personally give you suggestions on the where’s and how’s of the city. Regarding fare, always ask the guide to deal with the drivers to cut the fare. The government has always had arranged with the different driver operator associations to not bloat the fare, but some drivers just don’t follow the regulations. You can always report any incident of drivers asking for too much fare.

As per Resolution No 233 Ordinance Number 124, Series of 2011, the fare should be adjusted depending on the present cost of gasoline per liter. The said fare is applicable from point A to point be within the area of Dumaguete.

Price of Fuel Per Liter Basic Fare Rate
 Php 57.51 – 62.50  Php 8.50
 Php 62.51 – 67.50  Php 9.00
 Php 67.51 – 72.50  Php 9.50
 Php 72.51 – 77.50  Php 10.00
 Php 77.51 – 82.50  Php 10.50
 Php 82.51 – 87.50  Php 11.00
 Php 87.51 – 92.50  Php 11.50
 Php 92.51 – 97.50  Php 12.00
 Php 97.51 – 102.50  Php 12.50
 Php 102.51 – 107.50  Php 13.00
 Php 107.51 – 112.50  Php 13.50
 Php 112.51 – 117.50  Php 14.00
 Php 117.51 – 122.50  Php 14.50

The list of legimate fare is only applicable within the bounds of Dumaguete and for each person. So if you are to ride a motorcab from the Seo port to the bus terminal or city downtown, then the appropriate fare should be at least Php8.00. Considering that you have your baggage with you, then you may arrange the driver for a reasonable fare. You can be generous enough to give them Php50 but should not ask for more than that.

If you can comfortably carry your bags, then it is best to walk for at least 100 meters away from the sea port. Dumaguete downtown is actually a walking distance and a short walk along the boulevard should not hurt your feet. Then just pretend you are a local of Dumaguete.

Where To Stay

If you don’t have a local contact from Dumaguete, then the best place to stay will be in a hotel or a lodging house. Well, hotels can be costly but if you’re planning to stay longer like at least a month, renting an apartment is a practical choice.

There are so many hotels and lodging houses for you to choose in the city but lodging houses are preferably cheaper. Transient homes aren’t common in the city but they are in my opinion has the most affordable rates. I will be posting the hotels and apartments in the city as soon as I am done collecting their rates.

Where to Dine

Well, Dumagueteños love to eat! That’s why it will never be too hard for you to find some street chums or go for fine dining. Most restaurants in the city are budget friendly and I will be posting an exhaustive review on the best menu I can find in the city. A post dedicated to suite your all trippin’ food adventure!

Where To Go

There are so many things that you can do in Dumaguete! Whether you’re a beach lover, a foodie, a nature lover, or a party goer – there’s always a place for you to enjoy here in Dumaguete. The beaches – so stunning that many divers around the world flock to see the beauty of our coral rich seas teeming with life. Want to go for a “lakwatsa”? The lakes of Balinsasayaw, Danao, and Balanan will always come to mind. We will cover more things about the best places to go in Dumaguete so keep watch! :-)