There are so many things that you can do in Dumaguete City. Since Dumaguete is the Tourism hub for Negros Oriental, you will have a plethora of choices to make your stay in Dumaguete a very memorable one. If you opt of an adventure, we got natural wild life parks to stroll or go watch the rich coral formation in the beaches of Negros Oriental. And if you want to spend quality time with your family, we got the best beach and highland resorts in the Visayas. So here are the top ten things that you can do in Dumaguete to experience the real joy of your life!

1. A walk on the ever enticing and beautiful Rizal Boulevard when the sun sets.
2. Take a bite of Dumaguete’s pride – Silvanas by Sans Rival!
3. Go snorkeling or diving in the beaches of the Apo island.
4. Relax and enjoy a platter of hot tempura and balot on the evenings along the Rizal boulevard.
5. Bask under the night sky while watching the city of Dumaguete sleeps on the heights of Tierra Alta.
6. Enjoy rowing with your friends in the enchanting lake Balanan.
7. Go camping with your family or friends to the dormant volcano Mount Talinis and discover the beauty of the shy lakes Yagumyum and Nailig.
8. Pump up your adrenaline with “The Rush”, a zip line experience at Tierra Alta.
9. Recollect your soul and heal yourself at the soothing Antulang beach resort.
10. Dance with the loud drum beats of Buglasan Festival!