Funeral Assistance

The Government of Dumaguete through the Office of the City Social Welfare and Development is extending help to the family who lost a loved one by providing funeral assistance. The said assistance will include a coffin, embalming, grave materials, and hearse for convey. This assistance is limited for Dumaguete residents only. To determine whether the continue reading : Funeral Assistance

Hospitalization Assistance

Aside from the Medical Assistance the Government of Dumaguete is granting to the poor residents, a Hospitalization Assistance is also available. Residents qualified for the said assistance program should be identified as poor or being a member of an indigent family by the barangay. The Hospitalization Assistance costs Php 3,000.00 per person per twelve months. continue reading : Hospitalization Assistance

Medical Assistance

The City Social Welfare and Development Office provides assistance for the medical needs of the poor residents of Dumaguete. We provide an assistance of Php 700.00 per 6 months per eligible client. To be eligible, one should provide the following requirements: 1. Barangay Clearance 2. Voter’s Identification Card 3. Botica Sa Masa Card 4. Doctor’s Prescription (either from a private continue reading : Medical Assistance

Business Permit Registration

Acquiring a permit is easy. We have laid a system that will make the process quick. Before getting a permit, it is advised that your place of business adheres to the standard building and sanitary code. We have provided a chart for you to see. Please click here to see the chart in full browser. An Overview continue reading : Business Permit Registration